Bethlehem or Bazaar?

I’m still only at Tier 1 POSI, but am grinding resources for BDR secondary gear; besides that I’m soaking up more menace than if I waited, it seems sensible to get a few of those out of the way.

That said, it had been my intention to work towards a Bazaar lodging long-term, since I liked the secretive and commerce-driven tone of that environment for RP purposes. He’s friendly with Hell, but not so much that he’s comfortable living at the Embassy, particularly since he’s not even tempted to sell his soul for what they offer. The luxurious Bethlehem appeals, but my character, although he hates the Cheery Man and has different values and skill sets, has a similar personality. He wouldn’t ever be at ease in too comfortable of an environment. Rather, he would run a Gang of Hoodlums and receive visitors from behind his desk in the Bazaar, spending three-quarters of every day on his feet.

I’ve been collecting Bazaar Permits passively - basically I try not to let any Nostalgia currency burn a hole in my pocket, everything eventually becoming Love Stories and Permits. The third-way options on connection cards and the occasional seduction pile it all up rather quickly. I could supplement this by stealing them as well, but my timeline is pretty relaxed and there are other things to do.

It came to my attention that there are high-level Persuasive challenges associated with the path I’m on, and a high-level Shadowy challenge in the Beth. I was going to pursue Invisible Eminence for RP purposes; are these advantages so marked that a consummate thief would be unwise to pass up the Bethlehem? For RP purposes, I would much prefer the Bazaar card to the Beth.

What’s wrong with the Manager of the Royal Beth? Bad experience with some Nightmares? I find him pretty nice, even if he tends to make things worse if you’re friendly.

The Royal Beth card’s scrap option is easier than the Bazaar’s, but the latter gives 4 Scraps to the former’s 3 and gives a bonus 2 echoes on top of that. The Shadowy option requires you to be a Spirifer to take advantage of it, so if you’re not keen to help Hell in that way there’s no reason to choose the Royal Bethlehem over the Bazaar.

There’s nothing saying you can’t have both. You can only live in one Lodging at a time, but you’ll still get the cards for all that you own. I will say that the time to get the Suite at the Beth’ is at Christmas. Just the thought of grinding an Impossible Theorem just to turn it in for the upgrade makes me want to weep from the tedium.

From easiest to acquire (and least useful) to most difficult to acquire (and most valuable)

  1. Royal Beth (easy to grind via trade secrets and fidgeting writer, but the card is weak.)
    2.Embassy (just lots of souls for a decent card.)
    3.Bazaar (tough to get either way, but arguably the best non-rare card in the game.)

I own all three, and use all their cards. For an ultra efficient deck you might want to cut the embassy and the hotel, but they’ll likely have implemented selling lodgings long before those are the worst cards in your deck.

Also don’t even look at 5 card lodgings until christmas or tier 2 POSI. Those are the minimum requirements.
edited by Ian Hart on 7/10/2015

Yeah, getting all three is excellent for your Certifiable Scrap needs. I’m a bit hesitant to immediately suggest getting both, however. Aim for one, and think about the other when you’re ready.

Thank you, everyone! This is fantastically helpful.

Like I said, I’m not “grinding” for even a 4-card lodging yet, so much as I’m grinding my stats at less than a full sprint. After reducing all of my menaces to zero (for RP purposes) to accept my membership in the Parthanaeum, I gathered casing for a couple days while considering my next move. Right now, I’m thinking honey/persuasive - not for those bazaar permits, but for a townhouse. Not that I want to live in it. It just might be put to better use. :)

A somewhat related question: In regards to 5 card lodgings, is there any functional difference between the upgrade sweet at the Royal Bethlehem or the Spire emporium? I wish to work towards one or the other, but they are quite expensive (I already own a sanctum in the brass embassy)

nothing. Yet.

Course I’m in the school of thought that likes to point out that the remote locations are better for quality of card… unless you’ve been very, VERY careful.

Still, I spend most of my time in a 4 card location, just so I can be better in … sorry, was I … something sort of came over me there, mouth tastes of … purple.