Best ways to grind items? Post them here!

Okay, so i note I sometimes lack some items I could use. Do you have a good way to get items? Post it here!

Personally, I could use a good way to get some of the better wines.

This is old, but still pretty accurate.

Here’s a start on the wiki: (and more generally, this).
It’s a work in progress, obviously.

Most progress qualities are used for several purposes, something you can take advantage of. Typically you either raise the progress quality until you can cash it in for a reward, or gain small rewards while raising a progress quality and then use it to advance a storyline (with no reward). The best way, of course, is to get rewarded both ways.

Example (requires Featuring in the Tales of the University 9, Shadowy 85):

  • Raise Investigating… to 5 at the University by Interviewing the Department of ______ Staff: 4 actions, 53 Cryptic Clues per action.
  • Go to Flit, pick the More than just messages storylet, gain 540 Rostygold (with 70% chance). If you fail, raise Investigating… a bit and try again.

This will ideally net you 9.64 echos with 5 successful actions while also raising your Watchful, and can be repeated indefinitely.

I’m grinding out Uses of Villains right now, and pick up Ancient Mysteries as well. I want cozy accommodations when I’m out to Zee.

As best I can tell Ancient Mysteries are best had from Thefts of a Particular Character, but I think Bazaar Permits on the other hand can be grabbed from item conversion slightly easier.