Best way to manage Nightmares?

I’m almost up to 6 Nightmares - do I have to stop accepting the cards???
What’s the best way to manage these nightmares?
Am I fated to have nightmares any time some stranger is not sleeping with me?
If my sleep is a social event, what secrets are being stolen by these slight acquaintances in my bedroom?
Parsing sleep in 3 hour increments isn’t helping, neither is Prisoner’s Honey or Pulsing Amber.
I’m becoming Dangerously Watchful of Persuasive Shadows and my san-sanity is slip-lipping!
&quotImagine, if you will…&quot is provoking automatic responses, some shrill, some whispered, usually repeated, and reverberated, echoing in my mind, if nowhere else.
There’s no solace to be found in the wit of Edward Gorey, or the picturesque tales of Robert E Howard, no rest for the mind to be found in John Keats, - it’s all falling away… soon, too soon, I will find myself regretting the sharp creases folded into my origami cranes, hung like rows of knives from my ceiling.

Friends. I’ll have Ondine drop by again.

Pro tip: You don’t have to accept Nightmare reduction offers immediately. They can be stocked until you need them. (It’s best to get the other player’s okay for this, as it does up the other person’s Nightmares slightly. You’re always welcome to keep mine.)

In fairness, they’re not sleeping. If they were, they wouldn’t be able to wake you up when you start tossing and moaning.


I guess I need to leave the Merry Man and Mirrors alone, and graffiti, and … I have to get to some nightmares that I can handle eventually right, or help against something? or all they all bad?

&quotNightmare&quot generally does not equate to &quotgood.&quot Some of the dream qualities have interesting, obscure uses, but having high nightmares generally doesn’t.

That said,

the Menace areas that you get sent to for getting your Nightmares too high are interesting places. One of them you will probably want to visit at a later point in the game. Certainly you can come back from them–eventually.

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Make sure you have some Memories of Light on you if you get dangerously close to 8.

Parabola is well worth a visit. The Royal Beth not so much. If you have access to the Labyrinth, there is always the hyena. Or ask people to help, that works well. Depending on Airs, some of the sleep options are reliably good.
Think of the menaces as keys to other areas of the game, which can be both wondrous and profitable.