best way to increase scandal

i have to go in exile for theological husbandry and i need scandal, any suggestions on how to take it? and remove it on exile?

Here are some other methods besides failing at stats challenges:

If you still have access to the Empress’ Court, there are some options there that offer quicker or more profitable trips to and from the Tomb-Colonies:
…sends you directly there and only gives you 10 CP of Scandal, which is much quicker to remove so you can be on your way back to London. And should you need more than one Tomb-Lion, you can repeat this action fairly quickly by favoring the Acclaimed Beauty to drop the Barbed Wit’s romance back down, then repeating the story with the Wit.
…similarly gives you only 10 CP and sends you straight there. This takes many more actions (to create a ballet!) but is also more profitable.

You might be past that point, though! Another option is to
…and go straight there with 36 CP of Scandal – very quick in terms of actions, but you need Hedonist 12 or higher.

If those options aren’t available and your Persuasive is too high to fail at challenges easily, the Intimate with Devils cards also offer quite a bit of Scandal just for doing scandalous things.

i’m probably going for the court option, thanks for the answers

Failing all these, you can get plumb drunk at the Carnival for just a ticket and an action (and with the Feast coming up soon, tickets should be easy to come by.) Occasionally you’ll get nightmares and/or wounds reduction instead, but it’s repeatable and can be done at any stat level.
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