Best way to grind shadowy?

What’s the best way to grind up my shadowy? Currently at 147.

Hmm… if you’re far enough in that Story you could use the Affair of the Box carousel to levelup shadowy.
You need “A Survivor of the Affair of the Box 12”, the carousel appears in Sprite then.

Create twink account, make a buttload of second chances with them, consume. Rinse, repeat until reaching the goal.

Can also sacrifice Trade Secrets, but that’s too costly an option.
edited by Aro Saren on 10/1/2020

If you’re not using your free evenings, you might be able to find a Paramount Presence to teach you, which will also raise your Dangerous as well.

If you are a Spirifer (via a Trade in Souls ES), The Prince of… in Unfinished Business in Spite is good once you are in the 160s (and so have a 100% success rate to avoid picking up scandal). The EPA is good for mid-game economy at 1.78 EPA or so and if you keep an eye on the Airs a quarter of the time you can get 4cp suspicion reduction via Confound the Constables (Rookery option), also in Spite.