Best way to grind Knobs of Scintillack?

Assume I’m endgame, and have access to everything fate locked and otherwise. What’s the best way to generate knobs of Scintillack for use in skeleton construction?

One of the options for kicking students out at the end of a term at Sinning Jenny’s school give 1 knob of scintillack, though I’d have to run through it myself to remember which option it is. Given that a term takes, what, 10 or 11 actions, it’s not very profitable, but it’s consistent.

(Edit: I believe it’s the option called &quotCollect for the good of the public&quot or similar, in the employment-for-your-students storylet)
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Selling to a Zailor skeletons with 6 antiquty and 6 amalgamy. Its limited to 36 x 4 knobs per week.

Any suggestions on how to get a consistent 6 x 6 skeleton? Looking at the chart, seems like a hard thing to cook up consistently…

(just gave it a go with mammoth, saber toothed, 3 helical 1 fossilized, tomb lion tail. It works, I suppose…)

Is it limited to 36? The wiki doesn’t say anything about that. It’ll be another 7 days before I can try it for myself to check.

Oh, you meant that’s the most you could get without putting Bone Market Exhaustion above 4. Eh, I’m the type of person who would rather go 15x15, take 225 knobs, and stay away from the bone market for two weeks. :-)

Sell 49-warblers to said Zailor - also gives warm amber.
Graduate Shifty Students - shifty at best.

If you have access to Station VIII, you can also mark crates during the factory visit, then exchange the contents for 5 Scintillack using the Railway & The Great Game card.

I haven’t done the math, but it might be the most effective way now.

1 action + 1 EI (2.5e) to mark, 1 to finish tour, 1 action to get the crate, 1 action to exhange on card

If i am not mistaken, its 2.5 EpA. Nothing special.
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The Waswood gives them at Airs 0-49 about half the time. I spent a fair amount of time there increasing nightmares and looking for a Jurassic femur and managed to acquire 100+ by the way.

If you unlocked station VIII, the prism base seems the way to go. 3 heads with antiquity, 3x heli legs & 3 lion tails offer a good combination (11 amalg & ancient if using double skulls). If you dislike chimeras you have to keep it simpler: only 1 regular head, chop off the 2 addition tails and declare it a 8 amalgamy 6 antiquity reptile.

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