Best way to get those 4 card residences.

Sackmas is coming up and with taste of lacre, allowing for 5 card residences to be purchased. It is my goal for my character to own each 5 card residences. I started my path by getting the 4 card residence I wanted the most, the premises at the bazaar. I wanted to get a room at the royal Bethlehem hotel but I don’t know if I should go for honey, or I should get antique mysteries. And if I were to get antique mysteries, which is better fidgeting writer or thefts in the flit? I’m a posi btw

For the hotel, thefts in the filt are the best(the fidgeting writer is not only purely luck based, but it already requires specific resources, and unless you have all of them(and for alot of tries at the fidgeting writer) it’s a better idea to just steal them, of course, you should have 100% on all challenges and a gang of hoodlums to make it alot faster(no idea which one is actually faster if you don’t have enough shadowy and your own gang).

For the Bazaar, the thefts at the filt(with enough shadowy and a gang) is the best choice.

Agree on the thefts.

Thefts in the Flit are the best for all three, aside from the portions of the Brass Embassy cost that can’t be stolen there. Note that upgrading the Brass Embassy lodgings at Sacksmas requires having sold your soul.

I did a combination of the soul trade, unfinished business in spite, and thefts in the flit to get the brilliant souls and muscaria brandy required for the room in the embassy. I got a brass ring from the fidgeting writer.

I wrote that a while ago, perhaps it’s worth repeating: There is an alternative way to get Premises at the Bazaar: At the Temple Club (ask for an invite at the Singing Mandrake, or ask me directly) you can purchase the Lease for 250 Collated Research. It’s the same Echo value as the Antique Mysteries, but perhaps an easier grind for some players.

I got my Bazaar permits from the Overgoat card. That’s obviously something not available to newer players and it’s not fast. It is, however, very efficient.

Another source of Antique Mysteries to remember is Trade Secrets, if you still have any - every Trade Secret will give you 5 x Antique Mysteries (+ a Searing Enigma).

I got my Antique Mysteries as a reward for my Governorship of Carnelian. “An audience with the Banded Prince” gets you Antique Mysteries depending on your number of Striped Delights. As well as Presbyterate Passphrases that you can turn into more. I’m not sure how efficient it is compared to theft, but it offered more variety.

I’m afraid I don’t have the proper transportation to take on the role of a governor but I will try thefts in the flit. I did that to get the bazaar permits I needed for the premises at the bazaar but it took me quite a while and I wondered if antique mysteries would be any easier to get another way. Thank you all for the advice and just one more question. I know there are two ways to get the brass embassy room, from the land agency or your infernal friends. Which would you recommend, the brilliant souls only or 50 connected hell and 100 muscaria brandy?

I’m pretty sure it’s faster to take the discount from the card. Thefts of a Particular Character is once again the fastest way of grinding both Brilliant Souls and Muscaria Brandy, as both items can be obtained directly with no conversions needed.

Also remember, 100 muscaria brandy, if you converted up from brilliant souls, is another 500 souls. That plus the brass ring, the card-method of acquiring the room is cheaper, but it’s not mind-breakingly cheaper.