Best way to get Surface currency.

Let it be known that I am still recently new (about two weeks) and don’t even know if I am supposed to pursue this yet. I got to the point in the Light Fingers Ambition where I have to go to Wolfstack Docks. I have barely enough Glim, but I still have a ways to go as far as Surface Currency goes. How can I get more of it? I have tried looking up some results, but so far its seems I haven’t unlocked the proper Storylets yet, and the options I did have are now gone. What should I do?

You could always purchase it at the Bazaar rate?

Yeah, but I am a little low on Echoes, and from what I hear getting those are a problem for the &quotendgame&quot content.

Yeah, but I am a little low on Echoes, and from what I hear getting those are a problem for the &quotendgame&quot content.[/quote]
The trifling amounts of Echos needed to buy the necessary currency are a drop in an ocean when it comes to purchasing Cider, which I think is what people are referring to.

You can trade Constable favors to the Commissioner of Police for Surface Currency at the Shuttered Palace. You can get them as payment for working for Revolutionaries in the Flit. After becoming a Person of Some Importance you can get Surface Currency in Veilgarden by hounding your literary agent for royalties. And you can get a big sack of surface currency from the Numismatrix.

If you just started though, all of these are probably a ways off for you. Selling stuff on the Bazaar and using the echoes to buy surface currency is probably the fastest way.

Also, do not worry too much about completing your Ambition right away. They are mostly unfinished, so there is no hurry. And the fact that their rquierements ar stiff is kind of their point. So just gather currency by trading constable favors, and glim will come through expeditions and writing works at the Court - or Wolfstack will open up in time. There is no rush.

Of course, if it is access to Wolfstack Docks you seek, you can also rank up yout ‘A Name Scrawled in Blood’ quality. Head to Watchmaker’s Hill and make your name. It will eventually grant you free access to the Docks.

Yeah, but I am a little low on Echoes[/quote]
Perhaps a gift shall help.

I agree with Jolanda, it can wait. The Ambitions span the length of your Fallen London career, and there are many points where you will hit a point where you should advance your character before progressing. I don’t remember the exact place in LF where you are, but odds are even if you do gain access to the Docks, you might be unprepared for whatever content is there.

Yeah, the best way to get access to the Docks is to follow the “Name Scrawled in Blood” progression for Dangerous content until that leads you there.

For all the ambitions, you’ll eventually need all stats leveled up high for endgame content access, so it’s good to branch out.

Robbing a Furious and Incoherent drunken Rat in Spite (Under “Rob a Drunk”) is a rather good source of Surface Currency. It requires getting “Someone’s Coming” up a bit though.