Best way to gain Partial Map or Zee-Ztories?

I’m trying to make some Puzzling Map’s. Whats the best way to go about this?

Putting to Zee always brings Zee-Ztories. Bonus if you pass the Watchful check on first setting out from Wolfstack. Otherwise, dig up Map Scraps on Corpsecage and earn Glim at Mahogany.

I don`t think there are any challenges that grant them directly, aside from converting Memories of Light into Zee-Stories. You can, however, get a number of Map Scraps at Corpsecage island or by converting Glim en masse.
edited by Patrick Reding on 2/5/2012

Or you can get Compromising Documents from the Boxful of Intrigue, and convert CD=ML=ZZ

Or you are four years too late to the rescue! Even though I am a newcomer to this city, it seems as though these sources are not available back in the past.