Best use of cryptic clues?

[quote=the truthseeker]No, look again.
Regular Successes, Rare Successes, Total Successes. That is listing 171 [color=rgb(255, 51, 0)]Successful Attempts[/color]. It does not list the failures or total attempts. Since this is a Rare Success compilation only, this is why, and why I mentioned the number of iterations before as it won’t list Total Attempts there. Please note these details next time should a newer person bring it up to you.[/quote]
That may be true for other actions which have a possible Rare Success.

But there is no fail condition when converting Cryptic Clues into diamonds. There is no luck challenge involved.
It’s just a straightforward action which always succeeds, which has a chance for a Rare Success.
The listed 171 successful attempts in the doc is also the number of total attempts.

The table in the doc lists:

  • Regular Success: 160[/li][li]Rare Success: 11[/li][li]Total Successes: 171[/li][li]Rare Success %: 6.43%

My own numbers:

  • Regular Success: 1069[/li][li]Rare Success: 61[/li][li]Total Successes: 1130[/li][li]Rare Success %: 5.4%

Hmm, if its ~2 EPA, doesn’t this also make the diamonds the best available grind at the moment? I always thought they had ~1,5 EPA before.

It’s limited by your Cryptic Clue supply, and the truly grindable methods of getting those aren’t quite as good as getting them through opportunity cards like A Visit or The Neath’s Mysteries.

It’s ~2 EPA assuming you already have the Cryptic Clues from other sources. If you need to grind for the CC, then EPA is lower.

EDIT: aaaaaand, of course Sara beat me to it :-)

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Yep, I see now. The total PPA will be exactly 1.39 (4,33 actions for 6,019 E), assuming getting clues from unfinished business. However it’s not uncommon to have 40k+ clues by endgame, so it’s definitely worth noting!