Best Sources for Primoridal Shrieks?

Having recently became a PoSI, I’ve saving up to craft items I need to obtain my own ship. One item I’m in dire need of in particular are Primordial Shrieks. Thus far, I’ve calculated that I needed 3,500 Shrieks (= to a whopping 140 echoes if I buy them at the Bazaar). So instead of blowing my money, what are some other reliable ways of getting them?

I’ve been stealing Bundles of Oddities in the Spite, but the unpredictability makes it a waste of energy most of the times.

Debate the nature of Primordial Shrieks from Unfinished Business in Ladybones Road gives Shrieks and occasionally Aeolian Screams.

Ah, I forgot to check those. Thank you very much!
(If my math is correct, it’ll be around 12 hours before I can get 70 actions in. Rip).

You can also hunt dangerous beasts for Mr. Inch at Wolfstack Docks for Primordial Shrieks.

Capturing the goat demon alive has the best shriek payout per action, as far as the dangerous beasts go. Do it at 30% chance (you’ll probably fail a couple times but it’s still more profitable than killing it or getting higher success chances, statistically).

If you’re not all the way through the labyrinth yet, you can use the hunt is on raising actions there to make a really good profit out of it in rostygold too.
edited by Kaijyuu on 7/8/2016