Best source of souls

I’m trying to get enough Brilliant Souls to buy the key to the Brass Embassy Guest Room. Where is a good place to mine souls?[li]

Thefts of a Particular Character in the Flit is where I got mine.

From time to time you’ll get the “shipment of souls” card and can get a few, but that’s not going to be a huge source

Is that a Spirifer-only card?

No. I’m a Spirifer and I’ve never encountered this card. I also got mine from the Flit, but if your Shadowy isn’t high enough, it’ll be a VERY tedious task.

Like everything, it depends on your stats. If you’ve got really high Shadowy and a Gang of Hoodlums, you can get 225 brilliant souls ever 89 actions by grinding in the Flit. Relatively painless.

Personally? I got my Guest Room key before becoming a PoSI. My Shadowy was dreadful. So I went to Ladybones Road and tracked down nearly a thousand Spirifers. 28 souls an action, if you always succeed. Which you shouldn’t, because if you’re gonna do something a thousand times in a row, it better be low-risk, not straightforward.

But you’re probably not that crazy.

Oh, and sometime in the last few weeks they increased the price. Was 1000 brilliant souls, now 1250. So you might want to use the option on the Hell opportunity card for a discount.
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I’m pretty sure I got my Brilliant Souls by side-converting other third tier resources. Mostly because regular Souls are tricky to find in large quantities, so I didn’t want to use mine in case I’d need them for something else later on. The third tier is a river supplied by many streams, so why not use resources from streams that are easier to tap?

The Hookman house route in the Flit consumes 32 points of casing - 8.9 actions via Gang of Hoodlums, plus 1 to do the theft = 9.9 actions for 25 Brilliant Souls. Which would be 90 actions for 225, plus the initial investment to get Casing to 10 to unlock the storylet.

Third tier conversions are a good idea - there are lots of ways to grind various goodies like Jade and Cryptic Clues/
Whispered Secrets, and you can throw them all into the conversion mix.

Seconded. I got most of my brilliant souls by converting Memories of Distant Shores, which I could get fairly easily through opportunity cards. You can also get a boatload of souls by robbing the Brass Embassy, which also gets you Master Thief cred. If you’re on good terms with the criminal underworld, you can go perform an implausible penance and get a couple hundred souls there.