Best source of silk scraps at low level?

Before you’re a POSI, what’s the best way of farming silk? I’ve been touring pickpocket’s promenade and hope there’s a better option than that.

Attending to Matters of Romance in the Empress’s Court gives a fair amount of Silk Scraps, if you have access and select the option to attend to fashion.

Shadowy skilling w/o penalty 35+35 rats
48 + 1CP Great Game

Lose all your Dock Favours
Lose all Rubbery Favours

Dangerous progress
Or story
There are more to add, but the Spider Council Story and options have more alternative sources.
More stories if you like to talk more than fight.

Loop-able card story
Hope you’ll find good ones from this list. Good luck!

There’s a storylet in Veilgarden that returns scraps, but it disappears around lvl 4 or 5 of Name Signed With a Flourish. IIRC, it goes away after one becomes the Darling of the Ambassador’s Ball. It’s been a long time, so I don’t remember the story, but it has a good EPA for lower-level characters.

Ah, Skinnyman already mentioned it. The Seamstress’s Favour, unlocks at NSWaF 3 exactly.

– Mal
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