Best source of comprehensive bribes

I’ve been told it’s the fidgeting writer, but my awful luck is averaging only 4 lens out of 50 senses of déjà vu and who knows how many takes of terror and various conversion items and actions. Am I doing this right or is it faster/ cheaper to make them/ grind and hope for rare successes?

The Fidgeting Writer is definitely the cheapest way to make them when you take into account the other things you’re getting on top of the bribes. I wouldn’t do it if I only needed 1 Comprehensive Bribe, but if you’re trying to stock up on 10 or more then it’s the best way to go.

If you got 4 lenses out of 50 senses of deja vu, that’s actually slightly better than average for the fidgeting writer. The average would be around 3.675 for 50 senses of deja vu. So you’re doing well for that method. The real reason to do fidgeting writer is to sell all the other stuff, but if you just want speed rather than profitability, making them in the side-streets is faster to grind all the materials.

You can also grind comprhensive bribes more passively. Get all your visions of the surface and touching love stories from gifts from the capering relicker and converting visions. After you have enough of those, go to polythreme and grind the romantic notions at 1.2 epa. Your total epa will be higher due to the use of cards. It’s less luck reliant, and you don’t need to invest as much effort.

Thanks for all the advice!
I guess I’ll keep lensing it out for now. Hopefully I don’t need too many.