Best reason for admission to House of Chimes?

I recently became an exceptional friend, and now have to select the reason House of Chimes accepted me. The story says that in game effects are minimal, but there are in game effects? Even if just a difference in story? Is this a permanent choice, or can I change my mind later? Some of the options require items I don’t have yet.

Does anyone have recommendations on which one to pick (or to avoid)?

Only one choice (Illegitimately Royal, the 1 Fate option) has any in-game effect at all, and the effect is only an extra option on the Rainbow of Offerings (the one-time bonus storylet you get when you become a Person of Some Importance), which is not significantly better or worse than any of the other options on that same storylet.

It is essentially a role-play choice. Some people like the Scarlet Saint option best because they enjoy a challenge, and it is currently the hardest to meet the requirements for. But you should really just pick whatever amuses you most.[li]

You can reset this quality later, but it costs Fate to do so (it is an option inside the House of Chimes).

Awesome! Thanks. I may go with the royal option, since I got a small handful of free fate a while back and the points have just been sitting there.