Best places to grind for luminosity items/jade?

Currently trying to acquire a patent scrutinizer and happy to grind for jade fragments/lamplighter beeswax/phosphorescent scarabs/memories of light to get one… Any suggestions on the best locations? I haven’t seen any jade fragments around for a while. My stats are dangerous 32, watchful 63, persuasive 72 & shadowy 51.

Thanks in advance lovelies!

I have notes that there is am opportunity card for bounty-hunting with Jasper which gives 96 jade.

I suspect that for a 96-jade card, you have to be at least in the 80s to pass the stat check…

Have you checked out Spite? If my notes are correct, some of the things you can do in spite at your level (smuggling stuff for the Widow?) should give Jade rewards, or at least it used to a long time ago, back when I was your level.

You can also simply purchase one from the bazaar, so if you have a stockpile of something, it wouldn’t hurt to sell it . . .

Without knowledge of your stat level, I can’t really say.
If you are maxed the best way to go about such things is 180 Compromising Documents via the Foreign Office at 76 actions. 3 actions to turn those to Memories of Light. 3 actions to turn those into Mourning Candles. 1 to turn that into 5 Patent Scrutinizers. That’s 81 actions for a Patent Scrutinizer with 30 Compromising Documents, 3 Memories of Light and 4 Patent Scrutinizers left over.
This is opposed to gaining 100 Lampligher Beeswax at 100 per action at Ladybones Road which, in the conversion, should take you about 99 actions.

Comparably a PoSI can acquire the Echoes to buy such a thing in about 29 actions. So there that is.

He did mention his stat levels at the end of his post. He’s between 30 and 80 on all stats, so not close to PoSI or statcap.

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Ta very much, though, I’ll check out Spite. Reluctant to sell my goods to buy one because I practically bankrupted myself for something else the other day.
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Just curious - why Jade? I didn’t think Jade contributed anything to the Luminosity trade path. Have I missed something?

When you trade it in for 3rd city relics you get a reasonable amount of lamplighter beeswax as well (about 30). I figured it’s easier to grind for at my level than beeswax which I haven’t had a lot of.

Actually saying that I just realised it’s totally not worth it…Would be better just to sell it…Common sense fail.

Have you tried converting Cryptic Clues -> Appalling Secrets -> Tale of Terror! -> Compromising Documents -> Memory of Light -> Mourning Candles -> 5x Patent Scruntizer?

Or, to do it quicker at 78 persuasive, at the Shuttered Palace -

Option 2: Bring jade for her cats’ collars
Requires 50 x Jade Fragment (Consumed)
Straightforward at Persuasive 78

The cats are pleased They pounce on the jade as it scatters sparkling from your valise: they pounce and chase as the fragments roll across the floor. You suspect not much of it will actually end up in their collars, but no matter. A number of them jump up to the arm of the chaise-longue to whisper secrets in your ear. The Duchess only watches.
Rewards :
20 x Whispered Secret
11 x Cryptic Secret
6 x Appalling Secret
Lose 50 x Jade Fragment


Then you go converting 33 Appalling Secrets into 10 Tales of Terror. Get 150 Tales of Terror, then convert them to Compromising Documents, and then Memory of Light.
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[quote=MorganAstray]^ She mentioned! Avatar…

Ta very much, though, I’ll check out Spite. Reluctant to sell my goods to buy one because I practically bankrupted myself for something else the other day.[/quote]
Huh. Don’t see how I missed that. Sorry for the mistake.
It still seems that the best/most efficient way of gaining a Patent Scrutinizer is to sell the stuff to buy one. You won’t need more than one and conversion for no other reason than getting one seems a waste of actions.