Best Lodgings

I became a PoSI a while ago, and I still live in rooms above a gambling den. I don’t know what lodgings I should get, I’ve been thinking of the Royal Beth but I’m not sure. I’d like to know which lodgings people recommend for a respectable and persuasive gentleman.

The royal beth, the brass embassy, and the bazaar are all very good. But for the persuasive and respectable? The bazaar is probably your best bet.

Get the Royal Beth if you are a spirifer (~2.1 epa action which also provides Fidgeting Writer reagents). Get the Bazaar Premises regardless (3.95 EPA if you are very patient with your certifiable scraps). Skip the Brass Embassy unless you’re dead set on the associated companions.

Other than time grinding heists and thefts, there’s no reason not to get all three. If you’re trying to collect the relicker items it’s nice having multiple cards with 3-4 scrap rewards, in addition to any monetary gain or other items.

There are other lesser lodgings that are worth having too, even if you don’t live there, because some of them add useful cards.

Do be aware of opportunity cards added when you buy new lodgings though. You don’t want to end up like me with 8 lodgings-based opp cards you discard 100% of the time. You’re stuck with lodgings forever for some reason.

Don’t forget about the Handsome Townhouse

Well my character hates spirifers so probably not the Royal Beth. Though he although hates the masters, are there any other lodgings that you can’t get at the bazaar that are good? If not I’ll get the bazaar premises.

As has been mentioned, all 3 of the 4 card lodgings are useful to have and it might even be worth having all of them. In the end game the Bazaar is the most useful but you need to be able to hit about 250 persuasive to make the check consistently. If you want to be all respectable it’s probably the best option as well.

Something else to be aware of is upgrading these lodgings to 5 cards is best done in the Wicket after Christmas and of the three The Royal Beth is the cheapest and easiest to upgrade followed by The Brass Embassy (depending on how attached you are to your soul) and The Bazaar is the hardest. The difference isn’t insurmountable but it’s worth noting.

Speaking of the Wicket, the Remote Address lodgings available from it fairly cheaply are also quite popular. They only give you a 3 card hand but they remove a number of not particularly useful cards form the deck which makes it more likely you’ll draw what you’re looking for. Plus you can live in a giant Zee Znail Shell.

From the card point of view, most of the lodgings are pretty bad. The most notable ones right now are the Rooftop Shack, Handsome Townhouse, and Bazaar.

From the hand size point of view, an upgraded Royal Beth, Brass Embassy, or Bazaar lodgings has the most space with five cards. The remote addresses all give three-card hands but remove a handful of common (and mostly bad) cards from the deck, making it easier to draw better cards.

The Royal Beth seems like your best bet, if you hate spirifage you probably aren’t a fan of hell, and if you hate the masters that leaves you with the Royal Beth.

But the Merry Gentleman may be the person my character despises most, just because every time they turned a corner early on, there he was.

So uh…how about a zee-snail shell.

In order:

The royal beth is unprofitable, unless you’re a spirifer, but only requires 7 ToL to upgrade where the others require 8 or 9. It’s not actually alligned with spirifers, it merely has a plethora of easy targets. After all, madmen simply cannot fall for the lies of star-spore preachers.

The premises at the bazaar, on the other hand, are highly profitable even for free players. You run a tiny peice of the bazaar, selling and buying goods at, hopefully, a profit. If you succeed the check you get 4 scraps and 2 echoes, so… If I had to have one lodging, I’d get this one. RP is RP, though, so do as you will.

The brass embassy is the worst in terms of EpA and involves selling a lot of souls to devils, so… not that one, is my suggestion. The royal beth is decent if you’re a spirifer, at least.
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@Grenem I’m currently residing in 4-card Beth which i’ve got only for card slots upgrade, but now i want to get a Bazaar premises!

It’s pretty solidly the best lodgings. Consider heists for TLS, which you can then convert to Bazaar Permits.

Though, that said, at 625 echoes, it’ll take a while to pay for itself, so maybe it’s not worth getting a spare 4-card.