Best incarnadine fur robe choice?

A kindly stranger gifted me with this wonderful red robe as I approached the Cave of the Nadir, and now I’m torn with indecision on which gift to ask of the masters. Previous guides to this seem a bit out of date, as there are now 9 items to choose from.

Ray-drenched Paperweight or Just a Coincidence. Persuasive is the only stat in Home Comfort you cannot get without fate, and you want a point of BRD with your item. Just depends if you have more use for Bizarre or Dreaded.

But to be quite blunt you are insane if you choose anything less then the ability to ring a bell and have a purely co-incidental accident occur to a rival.
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Honestly, you should just pick what you like most, even if it’s a less-than-useful telescope.

I took a glim telescope myself, though it is a hand-held one suited for a Captain rather than a mounted installation.

Yes, choose what you like. One point of stat either way (even BDR) isn’t worth worrying about at the expense of choosing something cool that fits your character, especially not if you’re approaching max BDR anyway.

I went for the Drinks Cabinet with my first Robe. I now also have the Tea Set and the Bed. Happy with all of them!

I picked ALL OF THEM. muuuust possessssss

I ended up going with the bound shark. Although I was sorely tempted by other choices, the idea of having a thrashing shark head on my wall that feeds on intruders was too awesome to resist.

I want one! How do you get it?

Fate locked behind the incarnadine fur robe. You can find that during christmas, or when you find the cave of the nadir.

The text alongside each item was the real treasure for me. Absolutely worth getting all of them. (All those cinders were a nice bonus as well…)

I got a pony. Because who hasn’t wanted Santa to give them a pony?

Same. I think it suits Monster-Hunters best so I got one for Pyro.

Also Bound-sharks make good pets and security. Try giving one a hug today!

Pyro cannot be held liable for any incidence of broken bones, missing limbs, wrecked houses, trips to the River, scared guests, dead couriers or extensive stays the the Tomb Colonies caused by creatures of piscine nature.

Lovely thread over here specially the reason why one got a certain item.
As usual, a question: do these items have any uses or any cards related to them?

No cards or uses thus far for any of the items.

[quote=Skinnyman]Lovely thread over here specially the reason why one got a certain item.
As usual, a question: do these items have any uses or any cards related to them?[/quote]

The items are home comforts that provide small boosts to a stat, and some grant a +1 BDR boost. It’s a way of getting a point of BDR in your home comfort slot. They don’t have any use beyond that though, other than looking cool on your mantle.

The White Glim Telescope’s Watchful +2 is also marginally useful for SotC 21.