Best Companions from The Labyrinth of Tigers?

I didn’t think there was much use for the companions from the Labyrinth of Tigers, so I sold most of them to keep my deck trimmed. With the new bone duplication and other recent updates, are the animals useful now? I know the hyaena, the tomb-lion, and the plated seal are, but what about the rest?

Which ones have the best in-game use?

I think the only other one with a use is the dream hound, which can help parabolan base defences.

The House of Heaven has use for Herpetology research. So does the Ocular Toadbeast, if you happen to have the Fate extension.

Corresponding Ocelot’s card can raise Scholar of the Correspondence up to 10.

Hmm… The Labyrinth… another place where I need to go again once the first Station is finished. I think I wasn’t there since I played the Radical Academics story.
While it’s alot of “work” we’ve got now, I like the fact that more and more old and probably junky (at least in endgame terms) items get a new usage. :)