Best "Closest To..." Faction

okay so a while back in ,y game i finished the numimatrix storyline and chose to be closest to the Great Game but as i have noticed it doesn’t seem that the great game faction shows up on certain cards like &quota restorative&quot[li]

I have the copper cipher ring so i thought i would pull myself out of the great game and choose a new faction and then gain the 20 levels of connection i lost (I currently have 24)

So i was thinking what is the best faction to be alined with i have much higher levels of connection with the urchins, devils, society, and the widow then i do with the Great Game.

Also if someone can sort of explain if they is any need for faction alignment in the future ( that like have to deal with big decisions) or if they are like quirks and unlock a few random storylet options[/li][li]
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From what I’ve seen, there’s a division between the “Upper World” factions (Society, the Constables, the Church, etc) and the “Underworld” (Criminals, Urchins, Dockers, etc.) This mostly affects which options open up for Counting the Days, and from I can tell, they’re evenly divided between the two groups, except for the Urchins, which have an extra option in the flit.

Faction alliances are used to advance Counting the Days. Depending on the faction you have, you can use different options in the story, which changes how easy it is to advance. I don’t remember which faction was best in that regard. I chose faction for character reasons.

Also, are you sure the great game was missing from that card? It should fall under one of the groups. I never really looked because I allied with the urchins, so I only use their group’s option.

*edit: sniped! Oh well. As for the major groupings, there are three at the CTD 14 card. Decent (society, constables, church, masters), Hard-working (urchins, docks, great game, bohemians), and unusual (tomb colonists, criminals, revolutionaries, hell)
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If all you care about is counting the days, the best two factions are Bohemians and Great Game - with one of those two, a soul of your own, and ‘master thief’, a person can work CtD from 1 to 14 without requiring any opportunity cards. The option on the restorative isn’t there, of course, but you’re not missing much because of that.

thank you i assumed their wouldn’t be a straight answer its just that as my character developed i am starting to think there isn’t a lot of stuff to do in the great game anymore especially since i finished the cheesemonger, clathermoths and the great game in veilgarden

to answer your question about the restorative card yes great game is missing from both of the alignment specific options as well as the docks which confuses me.

After researching though the great game does seem okay as i can sell the location of the cave of nadir to them

something else weird is that you can’t sell a mark of credit page if your aligned with the rubbery men ( maybe because few pick this as their closest to faction)

To follow what dismally said i will pick with what goes along with what i want my character to be which is someone who deals with both the upper world and the underworld so i will remain with the great game but i might switch to hell or urchins.

p.s. i guess i never noticed but why is the widow not one of the factions i mean she is a smuggler so you would think she is with the whole spending secrets thing but whatever

Another edit: it seems that yes the bohemians and the great game are the best for grinding CTD but I’m pretty sure urchins as well but thats just a guess. I also seems that rubbery men, the masters, duchess, and the university are the worst for grinding CTD all the rest fall somewhere in the middle.

Thank you all for answering my question

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I don’t think you can actually be “Closest to” Rubbery Men, the Masters, the Duchess, or the University, which may be why CTD implementation for them is so sparce.


Yeah your right but they show up on the restorative card, the mark of credit card, and the speak to an aristocratic academic maybe it will be included in future updates or their is a fate locked way to get them or its just a developer bragging rights sort of thing