Best action to invite new players?

What do you think is the best action to invite new players?

Not just from a profit perspective for them and I, but also taking into account how interesting the lore is.

Lore wise, it depends on what they find interesting. Profit wise, I heard good things about the Unfinished Business invites. Not sure, though, because I have not tried them myself…

I always like haunting people when dead. Though it’s quite possible to send someone multiple invites from different storylets even once they’ve joined.

Out of the 31 or so social invites that I’ve taken a look at, for new players, this seems the most profitable invite:

If you’re looking for something else regarding social actions, give me a PM.

Speaking of those social invites, there’s two I don’t seem to be able to find anymore, and I was wondering if they had been removed.

The one from Snaffle Couriered Messages used to be my favorite, but it seems to not be there anymore.Same with the one from Mudlarking. I’m a little confused.

There was some problem between them and the app, they’ll come back in a few weeks.

Oh, thanks, that explains it. I was wondering if I was losing my mind.