Beset by grifters

Greetings, good folk, and apologies in advance if this is already under discussion in another booth.

I appear to have acquired quite a coterie of hangers-on - I can’t set foot out of my lodgings without being beset by artists’ models wanting me to trounce some scoundrel, poets in need of a pocketful of jade, lapidarists panhandling for glim and gems, neighbours with rat problems, missionary’s wives needing consolation, so on and so forth. Sometimes I’ll get something in return, but their constant returns are becoming tedious.

Is there any getting rid of these grifters? I don’t know if giving them what they want will progress their storylet and it’ll eventually play itself out, or if I’m doomed to have them cluttering up my opportunity deck for eternity.

The Model and Artist are permanent pests, though you can at least marry the Model, which makes her attentions much more rewarding. The Lapidary will eventually reward you if you give her what she needs. The ratty neighbours will stop bothering you as your skills increase. The Missionary is a storyline without an ending at the moment, but if you keep consoling her, she will run out of things to say.

Another one which has been bothering me as of late is the devils wanting my soul. It’s especially annoying as there’s two cards asking for my soul, and several cards for increasing the “intimate of devils” quality that can pop up.

Well there’s one sure way of getting rid of devils wanting your soul: let them have it… It’s possible to get it back (albeit a bit costly) if you feel attached to it and after that they won’t bother you again.

Another possible way I suspect is the raise your “intimate of devils” quality to the same level as you’d get if you sold your soul (20) - however, this is only speculation, I have not tested it so increasing through regular courtship might cap at 19. If it works you’ll of course also eliminate any other effort of courtship, but it will at least give you a few more levels to enjoy them.

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Thank you greatly for the replies! I’m so glad I found this forum. I’m not terribly quick on the uptake sometimes, and browsing the discussions here have made some aspects of the game much less baffling.

It is possible to reduce your intimacy with devils, by repeatedly spurning them, although some opportunities are best ignored. Then you only get a devil taking a shine opportunity. I actually rekindled my relationship with a certain deviless purely to convince her to join my newspaper, at which point I promptly dropped her. I felt sure she would understand.

Some methods of reducing your devilish intimacy are much faster than others. For instance, if your soul is already missing (that darned cat!) they drop you faster than if you bathed in holy water. But like you, the deviless was already employed by my newspaper; and remains so. Apparently there are no hard feelings - at least none that weren’t solved with the same quick resolution as siding with the urchins when I stumbled on one having a discussion with a deviless.