"Beneficial" Menace Gain?

Evening everyone.

To make things simple, I’d like to increases my basic menaces, but I’d like to do it in the most profitable/beneficial way possible. I’ve already found a decent one concerning suspicion, with &quotA public lecture&quot in the Forgotten Quarter. +15 CP to Bohemians/Society/Revolutionaries for +1 CP suspicion. Any other suggestions for wounds, nightmares, or scandal? I’m a PoSI, if that matters.

Thanks for your help!

Nightmares is a useful place to grind for Memories of Light. All you need is a detective’s business card and a pre-existing memory of light. First you start the case of the deranged medium, proceeding to about 6 Mouse: Running out of Time. Then you may wander around FL doing your usual stuff, until you go insane. At which point your first memory of light will send you to Parabola. Then you may use the Ivory Mirror (the one with the snakes) to grind Cat: Getting Closer. That’ll take you to 2 Mouse. Once you become sane again, return to Ladybones to finish the case. Depending on how lucky you are before you go to Parabola, you may earn enough Cat to get the extra reward from the case. Don’t worry about not getting enough–the mirror will only take away Mouse upon success.

Using The People’s Art when working on something at the Empress’ Court gives more Inspiration than the other option’s standard successes, for one point of Suspicion.

I’ve been thinking about this myself, mostly because the menace I might want to reduce isn’t always available in an option that also progresses Counting the Days, so I’d like to progress that as quickly as possible to the right range, while still getting more than just those +5 CPs. So the menace-reduction cards are the only way, and only if I’m getting something for that menace in the first place.

If you have yet to defeat the Big Rat you can &quotAdvertise a spot of hunting&quot at stage 10 in that storyline. That will apparently get you 1.50 Echoes and 3 CP of Running Battle for 1 CP of Scandal. Which seems to be quite profitable when combined with duelling the Black Ribbon, which might get you some Wounds every now and then as well. It was brought up in another thread: An in-depth look at money options.

Though I get most wounds from &quotA misfortune at the carnival&quot. That card isn’t very profitable in itself, but both of the other faction conflict cards that can raise Connected: Rubbery Men are used for two other profitable activities: Trade favours with revolutionaries (in the Flit) and &quotCrime or Punishment?&quot (the Constables/Criminals conflict that requires both connections to be level 50+). And I need some way to maintain Connected: Rubbery Men, even if it’s a lot higher than it has to be.

I used to get Nightmares by &quotSeeking Curios and Secrets in the Forgotten Quarter&quot, but I’m not sure how profitable that really is, and nowadays you’d better be willing to advance the Liberation of Night so you can cash in on the Eyeless Skulls you might find. Otherwise it definitely won’t be very profitable.

You can also get Nightmares by trading Appalling Secrets for Expedition Supplies, but that’s only half-decent, as expeditions in themselves aren’t very profitable. But if you’re going to do them anyway, that might not be a concern. Though Whispered Secrets are still better, even when you don’t mind the Nightmares, as they save an action every four supplies, with an equal cost in Echo value for the resources you spend.

I would like to resurrect this thread. As a true and dedicated Shepherd of Souls, I am very much interested in sustainable and profitable sources of various menaces (except, probably, Suspicion, as I found reaping academic benefits to be a perfect option).

Yeah, Drake wound up robbing the Brass Embassy about nine times when he was trying to get sent to jail, and when he got out I was amazed to realize that I could wipe out all his menaces with a single card! Reaping the Academic Benefits does give a lot of benefits for your Suspicion - that’s how Tanith grinds Connections for her Salon. While you’re in the Forgotten Quarter, you can also go Seeking Curios and Secrets: lots of Nightmares to be had there, and you’ll eventually stumble across an Eyeless Skull, which you can sell to the revolutionaries for 62.5 Echoes. If you wind up with too many Nightmares and not enough Wounds, you can swap them in the Labyrinth of Tigers with the Somnolent Hyaena.

Is Seeking Curios and Secrets in the Forgotten Quarter really profitable? Is “1.77 EPA prior Nightmare reduction” estimate still correct?

Conversion of Nightmares to Wounds through The Somnolent Hyaena doesn’t look very profitable at 0.95 EPA (ignoring menaces gain and loss).

But you are converting the Nightmares you get exploring the FQ to wounds so that you can use the Shepherd option most effectively (i.e. with all 4 menaces as high as possible).

“Most effectively” means “most profitably” to me. It makes no sense to raise menaces if it doesn’t bring decent EPA.
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You would be surprised, but that’s all except the Cider cards which provide Nightmares. Shepherds have a better EPA than Spirifers, but require to draw many cards and some extra planing; most of the details are covered in that link, but you would like to improve Church cash in as soon as Hell gets converted.

Besides the obvious EPA, there are more benefits from the cash in materials if you are in need of any. These can boost the EPA if you follow every bit! :D