Benedict Bandersnatch

Something that I am very fond of, yet I never hear anyone talk about, is the forward weapon Bandersnatch. I don’t see why no one uses it, and instead opts for the Memento Mori most of the time, at least from what I have seen. My reasoning is this: The Bandersnatch has a cooldown time of 6 seconds, but a stagger of 8. This means that, with a high enough mirror count (think 75 and up), it is possible to staggerlock most enemies so they can’t attack you while you bombard them with torpedoes and the like. The Mori on the other hand, has a measley stagger time of 2 seconds, which is not useful at all to someone as lazy as myself. Seriously, I’ve fought mount nomad in the Corvette just by kind of sitting next to it and shooting it with stuff, and not taken any damage. Quality combat mechanics. The only downside I can think of is the fact that you have to buy torpedo components, but they don’t cost much at all, and it is certainly less time consuming to acquire than the Mori. In conclusion: The Bandersnatch is hidden OP. Use it.

The only thing I find in the Memento Mori that the Bandersnatch doesn’t have is the satisfaction of one-shot (or at least one-volley) killing a heck of a lot of enemies, particularly with high iron and a scintillack.

Alright, y’all make good points. However, I am still lazy, and I just think it’s hilarious to kill things without them being able to do anything about it.

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You want &quotlazy?&quot try making out your Mirrors and instant &quotmachine gun!&quot[/quote]

That’s exactly my strategy, and I do it with the Bandersnatch.

I’m afraid that i’m not familiar with the bandersnatch. The bountiful library of zee knowledge (wiki) does not mention it in the ship equipment section. Is it a hidden weapon? (if so do not tell me of it), or is it an alternative to getting the Mori? (who’s quest I am in the middle of).

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[li]It’s the torpedo launcher sold by Caminus Yards, as seen here. It’s in the equipment list between the Heart-Ender and the Memento Mori.

Heh, maybe I should have checked the library again. Comparing it the the Mori made it appear to be a more, fantastical weapon. Caminus Yards makes the most splendid ship equipment. I once pursued a job there. They turned me away saying my ideas where a little too… I think the term the lady used was &quotCompletely and utterly insane&quot.[/li][li]
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The main benefit to using the memento mori over the bandersnatch is that it does not need torpedoes. If you couple that with high mirrors than you can beat any monster by mashing the fire buttons.