Bejewelled lenses. Are they special?

I seem to recall reading snippets here and there about bejewelled lenses being hard to make, and being useful for something or other. i think making waves was mentioned.

I seem to have one, can’t recall where or why i got it. What should i do with it? is there a better purpose than selling it?

Used for making a zubmarine, among other things.

– Mal

Besides making a Zubmarine, it can be used in the Royal Bethlehem housing card to gain a massive amount of Making Waves, or if you are romantically pursuing the Master Jewel Thief.

And when they say Massive, it’s quite massive for a Lodgings. Only Townhouse Salon/Orphanage options pretty much offer more.

Which spouse to pick is a whole other topic in itself. The lens is one of many options in that path to woo him should you pick him.[/quote]

well i’m certainly not going to date a thief.
that amount of MW seems quite interesting though, i think i’ll save it for that eventual point