Behold my Glorious Dissolution Young Captain!

Hey guys :D wanna hear an idea for a new ambition? Time for something that tickles the fancy.[li]

---- Main Idea ----

So guys and gals, this game’s got a major theme to it. An absolutely crucial theme to it that I think warrants further exploration in the form of a new ambition. This theme I’m talking about, is the theme of &quotDying well.&quot

Not sure how that is a theme? Poke around a bit more in the game and complete some of the big quests. the theme of passing on peacefully is an idea that comes up again and again in Sunless Sea.

It is this idea that I feel should be given it’s own ambition Entitled: &quotQuiet The Zee. - The Zee is restless, strive for peace in all things.&quot Where the player is tasked with going around the Unterzee and bringing rest to the more ancient and mysterious voices that loom in the hearts of sailors. This ambition will have players interact with the Gods of the Zee: Storm, Salt, and Stone as well as lesser, but still grand, entities like the Tomb Colonist Curator and the Principle of Corals.

Stone, found in the south, eternally cries rivers of red.

Storm, found in the roof, roils with fury.

Salt, churning below, sings a slow song filled with grief.

---- Requirements ----

Players must have completed the following ambitions:

– Wealth
– Most venerated Explorer
– Your Father’s Bones
– Establish a Kingdom
– Sail East

The point of the ambitions I find is quite clever. It’s no accident that Wealth and most venerated Explorer show up first while Your Father’s Bones and beyond are labeled last. I feel that these ambitions are at their best when their taken and completed in a linear fashion.

1 > Wealth gives you a sense of the gameplay mechanics and teaches you not only how to survive, but thrive in the Zee.

2 > Explorer introduces you to the concept of stories and quest lines and the potential rewards for completing this quest lines on top of the basic &quotSurvive and Thrive&quot element found in wealth ambition.

3 > Your Father’s Bones is the first &quotTrue&quot overarching story ambition to Sunless Sea (and wouldn’t you know it, it’s about giving your father a proper burial!)

4 > Establish a Kingdom: Not available.

5 > Sail East, same thing as 4.

Quiet the Zee ambition is meant to have the same quality of an overarching story line, except instead of telling a &quotPersonal&quot story like Your Father’s Bones does, Quiet the Zee ambition is a story that provides the player with a &quotWorld Building&quot Story that’s main focus is to give the player a glimpse at how the world works in Sunless Sea.

It’s just an idea that I had that I wanted to share. I do really like the universe Fallen London and Sunless Sea have made and I’m very excited to see all the new things that FailBetter comes out with. Hope you found the post enjoyable! Post your thoughts on the story of Sunless Sea. Post about what you thought of my idea, post on what you think is most important to Sunless Sea going forward

Thank you!

I think I like this.

It is possible to sail (well, travel) East, currently, and end the game thereby. I’m not sure if this is at all related to the old ambition, though.
edited by Olorin on 2/11/2015

[quote=Gregg Johnson]It is possible to sail (well, travel) East, currently, and end the game thereby. I’m not sure if this is at all related to the old ambition, though.
edited by Olorin on 2/11/2015[/quote]

I am pretty sure it is not possible yet.

But yes it looks like completing the go east legacy completely ends your line.

(Also I’m pretty sure the Zong and wealth were listed first originally because they were the simplist to implement, Father’s Bones is actually the first one on the ambition list now)