Becoming Mr Sacks??

Am annoyed at paying 30 Nex to ‘become’ Mr Sacks (choice on one of the ‘12 days of Christmas’ cards), but not receiving any additional storyline. Also, was supposed to receive an item but cannot find it anywhere. Has anyone else had this problem? How do you report problems & to who??

You should find a new storylet. Can’t remember if it’s only accessible from your lodgings, or if it’s universal. That will let you play Mr. Sacks with one of the Masters.

If you don’t have a storylet, it’s worth messaging
But have a look in your lodgings first. :-)

Is there a choice for that on the Mr. Sacks cards? I thought that was on the Snowbound storylet.

If it’s the one I’m thinking of, you should now have a red robe which creates a new storylet (possibly only in your lodgings) which lets you play at being Mr Sacks with one of the Masters.

Edit to add: I may be confused and you’re talking about one of the options to investigate the multiple Mr. Sacks with different factions. Can’t speak to those as I’ve only done the one with the Duchess. No idea if the others offer to let you be Mr. Sacks.
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You should have received an Incarnadine Fur Robe. Look for it in your inventory. Use it to dress yourself as Mr. Sacks and visit one of the Masters to get another item.