Becoming More Ruthless

I would like to feed lacre to a Malevolent Monkey in an attempt to gain a Dark-Carapaced Crustacean, but my Ruthless isn’t high enough. Is there a reliable way to increase Ruthless from 3 to 4? My stats are all around 160.

If you are Plotting against the Masters you can claim to only be in it for the money when Bringing the revolution comes up. It’s a standard frequency card, and 3-4 is only 4 CP at the most.

But the most reliable/available is probably Business on Watchmaker’s Hill, where Airs of London 26-50 will unlock Encounter: a loutish band, where you can then Offer your services to the press gang.

Thank you! I am now a little bit more ruthless, and I have a Dark-Carapaced Crustacean.

Actually, if you go into the Clay Quarters you can purchase Hard-Backed Labor (indentured claymen) and this will also get you Ruthless points. Very easy and useful.

edited by Owen Wulf on 1/14/2015

That costs 10 Echoes’ worth of resources and lowers Magnanimous, which may be a concern when trying to build quirks.