becoming jack or ending jack or both

Revenge and sadistic… things… interest me. What shall I take? Or maybe there is even something better than Jack’s case? Thanks! :)

If you’re low on Nex, then I’d skip becoming Jack.
I took the options and absolutely loved it. I highly recommend it. However, there are quite a few stories, such as the Soul Trade, Flute Street and Empyrean Redolence.

If given a choice between getting rid of Jack and keeping him around, yet learning why he is, that’s a personal decision.
It boils down to whether you’d rather stop a murderer or know why he kills.

I didn’t become Jack when I played the story through ages ago, but I am giving it a try now on my alt. It’s… interesting. I’m only a little way into it so don’t have a final view. So far I wouldn’t say it’s a must do, but it sounds from your OP as though it might be right up your alley.

My main went down the path of paying the Nex to have my cake & eat it too. It was… not unworth it, but I wouldn’t say it was particularly world-shattering content either. It would definitely be more fitting to have my alt Become Jack and play through that branch. Its definitely a choice of what fits your character best, you’re not going to miss out on anything particularly ground-shattering by choosing one path over the other.

I chose the fate ending to my Jack hunt because my original patron was the dangerously inclined Anarchist who, for those who are unaware, himself becomes afflicted with the “Jack Ailment” and then asks you to severely wound him with a knife so that he can go to the Tomb-Colonies and not hurt anyone in London. I wanted a fitting ending to this case, for his sake.