Becoming an author

I did the &quotraking the muck of the neath&quot storyline without any thought to what it might mean later on, and now my &quotraking&quot is 11.

It looks as though that rules out choosing journalist as a profession as it seems you must have a quality of 7:

It seems that may also rule out becoming an author, as the main way to become one seems to be to advance from journalist to author. However, the wiki suggests that there is a less notable route to become an author, but doesn’t seem to say what that route might be:

Does anyone know how? Thanks :)

The other way is on the Bohemian Faction Card to go from Journalist to Author with an Exceptional Short Story.

I’m pretty sure that you can get Journalist from the same card with Muck 7+, as I seem to recall having an 11 when I picked up the Profession myself. (As a quick aside, poetry for the Duchess in the Shuttered Palace can be ground to get your Bohemian link up fairly quickly.)

Thanks, I was hoping that was the case, but I haven’t had the bohemian card since I’ve been looking to become a journalist. Hopefully it will show up soon! [li]

But the wiki does suggest you can become an author without first being a journalist. Does anyone know how?

You can’t. There’s just two ways to become an Author. One is by writing an Exceptional Story and turning it in on the Bohemian Faction card, and the other is by raising your Notability to 2 and drawing an Unsigned Message. Both of these require you to be a Journalist first.

I fear that you are misreading it. You have to be a Journalist either way. The Exceptional Short Story, however, allows you to get the job without having Notability 2 (or even being POSI, which is useful.)

Long as you have Muck Quality more than 7 you can still be a Journalist. I believe that’s what it means!

Thanks all, I’ll just keep holding out for that card then![li]

Moving to a remote location(if you have one) can help, as can selling off items that bring up unwanted cards to thin your deck slightly. There’s also using Favourable Circumstances if you truly grow weary of waiting, although that’s not cheap.

I also advise you to sit tight at Veilgarden. I was in Ladybones Road for in an alt of mine and never got the Demi-Monde card there. Meanwhile a character who was in VG for something else kept getting them every three flips or so. I put two and two together and moved her there. A day or two later the card finally popped up. It might have been luck but wouldn’t hurt to hangout at the place they actually are known to be.

Hmm…do we know if the different areas in London have different draw rates (aside from the cards exclusively drawn in specific locales, of course)?

I’m pretty sure this is not the case.

Yay, the card has finally shown up. Incidentally, I was in the forgotten quarter at the time.[li]