BDR: Most valuable?

I’ve heard that at some point during the feast of the rose, you can get a point of Bizzare, Dreaded or Respectable added to yourself. Since this is a once-a-year chance, I want to get as much value out of it as possible, which leads to my question:

Of Bizzare, Dreaded and Respectable, which is the extra point most useful in?

Depends. Dreaded is used for heists, where the other two are more one-off uses. Some questions though: Can you get a decent level in all of the three? If you can already get to +10, there’s not that much more benefit.

I can get bizzare to 9, respectable to 6, and dreaded to four, at the moment. probably should boost dreaded, then?

I’d go for dreaded in that situation.

Well also consider what you could eventually acquire to boost stuff even if you don’t currently have it.

But I think the main checks are the dreaded one in heists, and the connected pet one. (of which the card that gives the most money is dreaded, so.)

The main use is notability where which quality the point is in doesn’t matter much.

I know some of the companions you can acquire can have an extra BDR point - but I haven’t heard of getting one without them. Do we know what the source/storylet would be?

I think he’s talking about getting a tattoo.

I think he’s talking about getting a tattoo.[/quote]

Could you tell me when and where will this opportunity arise? Thanks.

At the end of the Feast of the Exceptional Rose. There’ll be a new option on the Lilac card allowing you to pursue a storyline that will lead to the tattoo.

I too am curious about this. When and where exactly will these opportunities arise? And what are the pre-requisites for them?

You’ll want to complete the Clathermont storyline if you want the tattoo.

What level does that end? I just made it to Wilmots end recently and noticed the storyline was there, but I have not pursued it yet.

Wilmot’s End is the last step. I dunno if you have to complete that part to access the tattoo, but it’s fairly quick to do so if necessary.

Alright, thanks for the heads up.

i never even noticed heists could use dreaded. then again i found heists to be woefully inefficient for grinding anything at all.

the most profitable use for BDR, other than for notability things, seems to be using them to get half’s of the puzzling map. don’t personally like doing that, since there’s always a chance of failure unless you buy your way through. and there’s a few days wait before the map-half is sent to you.

One card you can use dreaded to intimidate someone into leaving you alone. It’s kind of handy if you have the dreaded already but it’s not really essential.

The connected pet card that pays 1.70 on a successful dreaded check is probably the main reason to get it.
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