Do we have any lore that indicates how many bats were used to steal London?

im obviously dumb with lore because i thought the “bats” where like…the masters without their cloaks, anyway I just wanted to say, your title did i hella good job pulling me in

Nine, I’d say.

Well, there are currently nine of them, who ordered The Bazaar to pull London under the Earth using something called the Stone Pigs, earthshaking machines/thrusters.

Technically, it’s zero, because the lazy b-----rs couldn’t get a pick axe and dig themselves. The swarm of bats everybody saw pulling London under was probably a diversion.

That fairly recent &quota Secret About the Masters&quot blog post really messed with the official Master count. A mistake caused by different writers, or something more complicated? It still bugs me to this day.

[quote=Ixc]Nine, I’d say.


Only if they were very large bats, like the Wings-of-Thunder bats in the recent ES.

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The newspaper image (not sure where it was from) showed London positively covered in them