Bats or Cats, Shrouds or Glass... what to choose?

Sticking my nose into some strange going-ons in The Spite… at first I was just looking to take advantage of the local cats’n’bats, but now it seems like I’m getting involved in something I can barely even see, and I have to make a choice. The cats, or the bats. Who, from what I can tell, are related - respectively - to the Glass and the Shroud. Spiritualists and Clairvoyants, versus Stage-Magicians and Illusionists! Problem is, I have no idea what the consequences of picking one side over the other might be. Or what these clearly-opposed factions actually STAND for.

I know that it’s possible to change sides further down the road, and play both ends against the middle for a while… but sooner or later, you have to choose a side, and I don’t care to be a turncoat if I can avoid it.

So tell me - what exactly am I getting into? What do these factions really stand for? And most importantly… does one side pay noticeably better than the other?

You can be a double agent and play both sides if you wish.

I haven’t pursued things to deeply but I’m leaning towards Bats. Seems more honest. You tell people you’re going to trick them and then do so. Rather than pretending to be giving them divine truth.
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They’re both deeply disappointing. I don’t mean that the writing is lacklustre, or anything like that - I mean that, between them, the Glass and the Shroud host the biggest cadre of hacks, flim-flam artists and purposeless airbags in the Neath. They hint at secret knowledge, deeper mysteries… but ultimately, it just comes down to which pack of shady, short-sighted rogues you fancy imitating. For what it’s worth, go with the Shroud if you want to expend a great deal of energy achieving nothing of worth, and with the Glass if you want to come within a mirror’s skin of insight without actually earning any.

I completely forgot who I sided with, such is the total insignificance of these two groups. I certainly wish there was more to it, but I understand that not every group can be as fleshed out and lively as Hell or the Constables.

This thread has been most enlightening. I have been uming and ahing over which group to join for ages, being fond of both bats and cats. Clearly it matters little.

Hmm… well, after some careful investigation, I’ve decided to go with the Glass - that is, the Bats - due that that apparently involving working WITH Mahogany Hall, rather than against it… an advantage, on some level, I assume. Besides, bats are better than cats - as proven by the rather short run of the ‘Cat-man’ comic-book. ^_^

Isn’t this storyline incomplete though? As in it will be continued in the future. I also forgot which group I’ve sided with after waiting for so long.

It is.

Becoming a Glassman requiring you to have started this storyline is a cruel, cruel reminder. On the other hand it provides the glorious image of a Glassman being utterly amazed at stage magicians messing with mirrors.