Batman turned 77 yesterday...

What a significant number.

No, Master Wayne, I don’t believe the true source of crime is “in the NORTH.”

That is unbelievably perfect.

Goodness. The man is quite spry for a septuagenarian, isn’t he?

The Lazarus Pits of the Elder Continent works wonders with one’s vigor.

That is true.

Fallen London fans are peculiar in that their vocabulary is much larger than that of fans of series like Battlefield, or COD. I mean, when I talk to you guys, I feel like I’m talking to Charles Dickens and not a modern day person on the internet…

Tally-ho, old bean! Your statement is most astute and accurate! The classy denizens of these here quaint and modest forums are, I dare remark, the most spiffy and devilishly charming thing in this far flung corrner of, what you may call, the Interlined-webs!

P.S: I just coudln’t help myself… :D

I must say that my vocabulary is arguably fancier when on the Failbetter Games Community Forum. This is inexplicable-- It just is. However, there are no negative sides to this as far as I am aware.