Banished From The Court (PLEASE HELP!)

Is there any way to get your banishment from the court revoked? If so, I can’t find it.

No, sorry. As of yet there’s no way to get back after being thrown out on your ear.

…GOD DAMN YOU VETERAN PRIVY COUNCILOR!!! 2 hours of venting rage on rubbery men later Well, if the devs of Fallen London are reading this, would you be so kind as to give us a way back into the court please, putting on shows at the palace was one of the most lucrative and fun part-time jobs I had.

Ah, but that is why it has to end.

They can’t let you have something valuable or useful forever.

If they where to let you back, it would have to cost more then you gained so far, and more then you would gain with any sane amount of use.

the foreign office is supposedly more profitable in terms of echos worth of items.

I’m pretty sure it’s better ppa, yeah. Not great, but better. I still wish I stuck around the Empress’ Court long enough to collect all the novels and poems, though. Unique items are fun.

Worth noting: you will very probably be able to return to the Court, eventually, after the Carnelian content is released.

Yeah, the Court content ended with a hint that we’d be able to go back in eventually, did it not? Or did I misinterpret?

Mementos of Passion are from court romances, right? If I’m banished from the court, I can’t get those?

This may put a damper on my Person of Some Importance quest line…

Yes, Mementos of Passion come from the Court.

Welp. Guess I won’t be getting any of those anymore. Bleh, wish I’d had some way of knowing that before getting locked out permanently.

When is the Carnelian content coming out?

We don’t know. Eventually.

When is the Carnelian content coming out?[/quote] Um. It’s already out. Not sure why Snowskeeper thinks it’s linked, unless I’ve missed something?

The Fallen London Carnelian Content, not the Sunless Sea content.

I’m concerned that progressing my Scholar of the Correspondence stat from its current level of 6 will be impossible now that I am on the brink of being banished from Court (I was using the Symphony option). Is this so?

Oh no, you can get it close to 20 at the University (and maybe above if you’re crazy and have a Overgoat + Watchful Omen).

edited by Owen Wulf on 2/15/2015

Up to 21, and you need an Übergoat

Also, you can tell the Councillor to come back later as many times as you want so long as you haven’t started his opera yet, in case you didn’t know, so if being &quoton the brink&quot of being banished means that you haven’t yet started the opera then you can stay as long as you’d like.

Oh excellent!

Oh no, you can get it close to 20 at the University (and maybe above if you’re crazy and have a Overgoat + Watchful Omen).

edited by Owen Wulf on 2/15/2015[/quote]