Bandaged Poisonnier Storyline

Has anybody completed it yet?

Yep, sure have.

Twice. (I skipped dinner…so I read about eating instead…) [spoiler] The Fathomking will get so much pestering from now on :)[li]

Could you please tell me what his upgraded version is? Please include a spoiler tag for the benefit of the others. Thanks!

His upgraded form’s on my Officers chart, in fact - you can check him out there!

You can recruit the Bandaged Poisonnier again, after you get his promoted form
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Thank you Sir Fredrick Tanah-Chook. Perhpas you could put that information on the Sunless Sea Wiki page?

A question: when it says it’s a matter of luck, does that mean it’s a matter of luck as to whether any given offering will succeed, or that it’s a matter of luck as to whether you’re meant to give him a Catch or a Specimen?

It’s for success/failure. (plot speculation) [spoiler] So the second time I followed him in the Khanate, but I don’t remember any other interaction with him that so much as touched on the people he saw…? I may’ve missed something else, but what he said upon his return when you didn’t follow him - that it’s &quotbetter to not have offered something than take it back&quot - doesn’t entirely lead into him watching those people. I mean, I can extrapolate about estrangement and a subsequent turn to his craft as focus, or whatever, but I thought from Hallowmas stuff that he was London based (which doesn’t rule out emigration to Khan’s heart).[li]