Balmoral's Castellan

Is there a way to change castellan generally? I have one option to change, but not the one I want. Do I need to, say, remove the existing one from the board first?

Well, there are only 3 possible Castellans. If you currently have one, you should see the options for the other two on the Board Agenda (“Propose XYZ become Castellan of Balmoral”), provided you fulfill the requirements (A Friend of September 5 or A Nascent Opportunity 5 for the Widow). The Highlander doesn’t have any requirements and should always be available once you’ve opened Balmoral for the first time.

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Ah, that’s very helpful. It appears one has not done enough painting at Crathie. Many thanks.

Just to check… September cannot immediately become Castellan, right? You need to do the Moonlit Woods stuff first, and to get access to that you first need an incumbent elected Castellan… meaning, someone else is the Castellan. So you can replace that person with Castellan anytime in future.

Turned out I lacked the Nascent Opportunity, so it was the widow who couldn’t become Castellan, and painting was required for her. I had the quality for September – that involves visiting the kirk, I think. Anyway, I could have had him elected Castellan rather than the Highlander.