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You may want to know that part of the selection for the Calendar Council has members being set against specific Masters. September, in his case, is set against Pages.

Of course, there is incomplete information about who is being matched against what. &quotAugust&quot, for one, has no clearly assigned target.[/quote]

I remember that. Though it only now occured to me: who’s opposing a certain Mr Eaten then?[/quote]

First off, oh god-I’m sorry, I’m typing from an ipad and I hit the report button by accident. If any moderators are reading this PLEASE disregard, it was a slip of the finger and this person has done nothing wrong.

Secondly, I just wanted to say I think it’s December. Less out of any coherent reason, and more from the fact that December’s the most eldritch member of the Council. In the new Ambition for Seas and a certain Destiny he’s the one representing them for the democratisation of immortality, and in Skies’ Ambition: The Truth he’s one of three beings deemed high enough on the Great Chain to safely tell you what the Courtesy is. The other two being the first Heart-Catcher and a devil-princess living in a statue held by the Brazen Brigade.

Don’t worry; we’ve already met our quota for devourings this month.

I wonder if this is a bug or a stange design choice, when when you run out of time in (Balmoral as befor), you get kicked out to 'into the moonlit woods. Now you have to pay 1 vital int to get additional 4 (!) time remaining, but you can only enter at 8 time remaining again. Is it really intended that you have to pay the double price (2 VI) to enter and cant simply reset everything ?

The Balmoral Woods have been reworked.

The player can accumulate Time Remaining before going into the woods, but the On the Scent requirement is now proportional to the Time Remaining when entering the woods (twice the amount, to be exact). The options to use items have been buffed - almost five times the amount of On the Scent.

Thus, to gain any of the rewards from the Keeper of the Menagerie, the player MUST spend items now.
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Why/how is there so much moonlight here? Did the devil’s make it or bring it here?

Is September a century-late Robbie Burns?!?

There have been some artworks that resemble real people.
For one, one of the previous artworks for the Jovial Contrarian look more than a little like Hugh Jackman. The portrait even has a bit of the hairstyle that &quotLogan&quot a.k.a. &quotThe Wolverine&quot had in the movies.

No, the Empress stated in her contract the wood must be moonlit. Now her staff smuggles moonlight for that purpose.
It’s from reporting a fox sighting.

Has anyone calculated the EPA for selling cover identity to Devils for a particular secret document?

Good question, i was also wondering about this. I guess it boils down on how you obtain the backstory and if you want to have a sustainable grind. [spoiler] 500 backstory = 2500 final breaths or 500 Vienna openings. If you got the bonemarket route you could obtain the final breaths from one 50 amalgy monstrosty and block the market for weeks, or 25/13/9 skeletons with 9/14/17/… amalgy. The latter case is more sustainable, but if you also include the actions to obtain the rubbery parts the epa drops a lot. On the other hand, if you obtain the final breaths from selling surveys for an endless grind the epa should be less than 3.5 in a rough estimate


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I wouldn’t do that kind of grinding for profit.

But to get a Reported Location of a Prince of Hell, this is better than the other non-Ambition and repeatable option.

At this point, I’m pretty sure everything pales in comparison to Helicon House in terms of EPA, at least if you’re a Nemesis Cloak completer. Particularly with the Fabulous Assistant.

The Painting activity in Balmoral has failure results that are actually kind of satisfying. Here, look at this example.

It’s not what the player wants, but there are some savings.

The forest of Balmoral activity currently has this baffling issue. The option to report the observation of a red fox gets locked out if the player accumulates more than one observation; the other two options do not. I have reported this to Failbetter.

I have been informed that this problem has been solved, but now this action just outright removes Observation: Fox, instead of just reducing the quality by one level like the other two options.

I have the impression of a disease metastasizing into another one.
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I have the impression of a kid thinking (s)he is a real game developer. Actually, I’m having this feeling for quite a while now…
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It’s been fixed, thanks to James of Failbetter.

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Why does the Highlander think I need multiple pairs of boots? Will I be acquiring more feet at Station VIII?

Hey man, with shapling arts, you never know…

Hey man, with shapling arts, you never know…[/quote]

Good point. I wasn’t thinking straight.