Ballpark Costs of SMEN?

It might not be necessary, but it is recommended. Bonus if you go out of your way to get 7 of every lodgings first ;-)

It might not be necessary, but it is recommended. Bonus if you go out of your way to get 7 of every lodgings first ;-)[/quote]
I’m severely tempted to go through with seeking just to that point, to decide whether i like it or not, and if not, drop it right after taking that option- and lets throw in getting 7 copies of every useless lodging for good measure.

There is a point where optimization is an exercise in self-torture just as effective as seeking the name, i suspect. I don’t think this is that point, but this is probably within one unit on a logarithmic scale.
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Bonus bonus points for getting seven of the Crystal Lodgings ;)

[quote=MrBurnside]There is a ton of game to explore and a ton of lore hinted at everywhere, so you shouldn’t necessarily feel obligated to begin it any time soon.[/quote]I really, really want to emphasize this. There will be plenty of players here who will blaze this path. Do not feel obligated to do it. Watch us as we go through it and see what you think. And remember, we really DO NOT KNOW what the costs will be–we are making inferences only and people should not make plans based on how the story went in the past.

Just so people are aware, destinies are now auto-equipped. This will no longer save you from the -3 to your stats.

That is, of course, assuming that it even exists in the first place. :-p

Despite the fact people might go raving about how you should totally go seeking, they won’t really mind too much if you don’t do so - no pressure either way.

Anyway, the thing with SMEN is that aside from losing the ability to sell your soul, there are nothing particularly irreversible - wealth, connection, stats, all can be earned back with time (although you are expected to not hold them for too long on this path).

The Struggling Artist still reigns as the biggest irreversible menace you can get from a story.

The Winking Isle content (just before Seeking got frozen) required sacrificing some of the 3200 scrap items, just to hope make any meaningful progress. I’m curious if this will remain so. I have my 13k+ scraps ready for sacrifice, just in case :-)

(Still building up my Searing Enigmas stock after selling most for the Cider…)

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[quote=spader623][quote=Harlocke]I haven’t played SMEN, but I understand it also unlocked a torment destiny that provided -3 to all stats. Which is actually more than a -3 drain, since you’re also giving up the boosts other destinies provide.

I don’t know much about that though, or whether the torment destiny was mandatory if you were seeking.[/quote]
What’s a &quotDestiny&quot? Also, is that basically a… &quoti have shadowy 150 but because of my destiny, its 147 and will ALWAYS be 3 below what i have&quot?[/quote]
As others have mention, Destinies function as items, and you can only have one Destiny at a time. Usually they give +5 to one of your four main Attributes, but there are exceptions. I received mine with a glimpse at a possible future my character may have.

The destiny I have is called The Memory. &quotYou will change beyond all understanding, but something of you will remain.&quot
The action at the time elaborated on that, but I believe there are a couple of different ways to attain that particular one - so another player might have the same Destiny, but have received different story to go with it. :-)

If you have to ask, you can’t afford it.[/quote]
^ Pretty much this. Without being too precise, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume that Seeking Mr Eaten’s Name is going to cost you everything. (That’s kinda what SMEN is all about.) If you don’t want to lose everything you’ve worked towards, don’t attempt SMEN.
Fallen London is thoroughly enjoyable without sacrificing all that you’ve attained, and then some more on top of that.
( Amélie’s description of SMEN is also sufficiently accurate. :-) )

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