Balancing some Events

I don’t know it they’re bugged or just wip, but there are some events/storylets that need a nerf or to be tuned down a little.

[ul][li]Chess Event:
We all know… it need to be looked into and devs have already stated it will be. In my personal understanding the rewards in terms of fragments/secrets it’s good (it seems to me that it’s a random number between 1 fragment and the &quotPrincipled Coral&quot value, but i might be wrong), it just need the pages gain and the % of succes nerfed a bit, and of course, it should be fixed the fact that it locks the first time you lose.

[/li][li]The Acolyte storylets at Station III:
I don’t know if it’s working as intended, but if you never go to &quotSummon to the low building&quot you could do the Errands and the Questions indefinitely, once per SAY, and, at the end of the grind when you have sufficient favour, you could get 2 secrets and 50 fragment per time with the last option of the &quotQuestion the acolyte&quot. Im my opinion It’s a bit too much, maybe just 1 secret and some fragment will do better.

[/li][li]b[/b]Pigmote Island event is exploitable, you could have either the endings (and mascots/reward).

[/li][li]Salt’s Lion:
TOO much easy echoes.
It really need to be looked in.
I’ll show you my idea.
1) You need to link the event to SAY, so you have to wait if you want to have more than 20 items per time. This is not a problem in the early game since you will not have lot of spare cargo space, but with a Merchant Ship i could have 80 items for a neat 1200 echoes gain per run!
2) You need to tune up a bit the initial cost. Now it pays 25 echoes for every bones in which you invest 10 echoes (of course 20 per time). This is the single most profitable items in the game! (aside from treasures). The second most profitable items trading could be buying food in Naples at 5 echoes and sell it in Iron Republic or Abbey Rock for 12/11 echoes, but it’s &quotjust&quot 6-7 echoes per item and it’s more tricky, time consuming and difficult to do.
The solution could be to raise a bit the initial cost, you need, let’s say 400 echoes for 20 items and it should reward you with 600 echoes (don’t forget the little terror reduction!). That’s of course a nice 200 echoes per single &quotstock&quot of 20 salt fragments (instead of 300) BUT you need to have not only free space but also a considerable amount of spare coins (that’s not so easy in early game, different matter in late game), so this, together with point 1, could balance it. Maybe it could be also a little more profitable, let’s say 400/650 for 250 echoes gains, but 300 echoes for a single cargo (stackable for 4 times with a Drednaought or a Mercant ship!&quot it’s simply TOO much.
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[li]a definite yes-yes-yes or something-yes.[li]
[li]i might give a pass on the Salties because players need a way to earn real cash when they hit a certain level. (eventually, people get tired of picking pennies off the sidewalk and using them to buy dreadnoughts…)[/li]
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The Salt Lions is nothing short of an absolute goldmine in the game and chess is still easy to abuse sadly. The Pigmote Island quest is still bugged? I never tried to do that so I’m a bit surprised.

Well… since you point out i don’t know if it’s still bugged in this release… i will check.
I agree with your point, chees is TOO simple to abuse in late game. If they cap pages gain and/or cap the % of succes at less than 100% is should work right, cause it could be still abused but in much more boring and time consumign way.
Salt Lion is simply easy money. Too easy. It’s fine that it is profitable, but not in a dregree in which everything esle became useless.

I agree, Salt Lions could be improved by deporting them permanently out east, in one game I had them literally outside the docks while in the other they are the last bit of civilisation east of the Khanat which balances the reward.

Another thing to balance are the terror events, especially tentacles, getting it once every five minutes after reaching 80 terror is fine, getting it 6 times in under 2 minutes not so much.

Well, i’ve checked and seems the Pigmote Isle bug it’s fixed now. Good!