Bagging a Legend and Finding a Stiff Drink


So I’m attempting to Bag a Legend as my ambition, and I’m at the part where you need to talk to the gracious Widow.

Of course, I’m also stuck in the &quotFinding a Stiff Drink&quot chain as well, and I have been going through a TON of oppritunity cards and after at least 100, not ONE of them has advanced the storyline of the stiff drink, which is blocking me from doing anyt alking with the GW &quotbecause it is&quot. All I keep getting is old cards like &quotCity vices, a plea from an old friend&quot that is rather annoying since the boost it provides is minimal at best…

Basically I’m asking if anything can be done, or if I’m stuck like this until the RNG graciously decides to toss me the right oppritunity card?

If you’re partway through In Search of a Stiff Drink, it looks like you can proceed in exchange for 3 Presbyterate Passphrases.

I can? Where is this action? I know how to get Presbyterate Passphrases, just ell me where to spend them XD

What’s your Ambition: Bag a Legend! currently set to? I was assuming that you’re on 40 - Talk to the Gracious Widow.

It is set to 40, i didn’t see an option to pay presbyterate passes.

Alright, the wiki is mistaken then; it says there should be an option to use them that’s unlocked with three and locked if you have Stiff Drink 6 or 7. The other options listed are one with Connected: Widow 10 and no Stiff Drink, one with Stiff Drink 5, and one with Stiff Drink 6-7 that needs a Comprehensive Bribe. So if the Passphrase option doesn’t show up even when you have those, it looks like you’ll need to draw the other Stiff Drink cards before continuing.