Back to the Palace Cellars

Back to the Palace Cellars is bronze-bordered after a very long time as a white-bordered card, which would tend to indicate that it’s part of a continuing story when it wasn’t previously.

Is this related to the Wedding story, a foreshadowing of a story extension to come, or a false memory on my part?

They’ve also changed the &quotchoose an enemy&quot storylet for war of assassins.
edited by suinicide on 12/21/2017

With luck it will be continued so I can get the awful card out of my deck.

My bad - I tweaked it to suit the rest of the storyline, forgetting the implications. Now changed back. :)

So no chance of us ever getting the card out of our deck? Aww :(

And a continuation of the storyline would be cool too. But deck optimization! Newbie traps!

Now it’s back to white.