Back After a LONG Break... UP

After a very long absence, I found my way back to the Neath (Mask of the Rose led to me trying to explain the world to my son and following him as he took his first steps).

While it was relatively easy to pick up where I left off, one thing had changed that frustrates me enough that I came here to rant (and maybe be told it’s not permanent). I had “Unaccountably Peckish” set to 10. For as dark as the Neath tends to be, I would never have intentionally stepped down this path (which I eventually looked up just to try to figure out what was going on) and now I have a note on my profile that I’m seeking his name. My “chance” deck was super full of black bordered cards and I lost quite a bit trying to resolve them as painlessly as possible, not really understanding what was being asked of me or why.

Admittedly the writing was intense and vivid and I appreciate the quality that went into it, it’s just very much NOT what I want for myself and I’m not thrilled to have had it thrust at me with no easy way to opt out. I’ve managed to get my hunger down to 1 and am waiting for some way to finish it off (haven’t seen black cards recently). Once I get it to 0, will I be able to remove the “seeking” note or am I stuck with that reminder of this… unpleasant… time?

Don’t worry, you will be able to remove seeking with no reminder but a nice quality called “Freed from the Name”. There won’t be any long term consequences. Also, I believe that what happened to you was because UP is the only menace that actually increases with Time the healer, instead of decreasing.


That definitely provides some level of relief (and yes, “Freed from the Name” won’t bother me to carry). After posting, I did manage get rid of the last point of UP. Is there some specific place I should look for a way to remove this reminder or will it just show up in my chance cards anywhere? I’d hate to miss it.

I believe that it will just appear in your opportunity deck soon. Look for a black card with a correspondence sigil and be sure to pick any option that doesn’t say you want to continue.

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If you’ve actually started Seeking Mr Eaten’s name, you should have an item in your inventory called A Bad End, that will allow you to Turn Back.

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Thank you all! I found the chance card and have purged the madness. Maybe someone else who was on my path will also benefit from this knowledge. I’m just glad to be shut of it.

Congratulations on your freedom! Do you know there is a knowledge base where you can look up information like this? It is very helpful in finding the ways.
Should you wish for some kind of remuneration for your sufferings with the Name, feel free to contact me in London by the same name as here and suggest social actions that will benefit you.

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