Avid Horizon Cults?

I have trouble to understand what to do with the cults in avid horizon. Whatever i do, it seems to reset the standing with the cults and i cannot get any further there.

How can i get connected to one of them?

You need to start by giving them the offering they prefer. This will give you access to that particular cult’s leader, who will give you tasks to perform that will raise your Initiated status. You can only do this with one cult at a time, so if your initial offering didn’t connect you to the cult you want, you’ll need to choose the option to abandon your progress and give a new offering. The time-limited carousel that lets you become “embraced” by a cult is temporary and not connected to your Initiated level.

It’s one of the trickier puzzles in the game, and sadly there’s no real reward for solving it. But if you want to see all the game’s text, you’ll need to go through the carousel three times, using a different strategy each time, losing valuable items and even crew members each time. Strictly for completists.