Avid Horizon and Chapel of Lights missing

I’m not sure whether I’m experiencing a bug or just a strange fluke of map-shuffling. I’ve gone all the way along the northern edge of the map, and neither the Avid Horizon nor the Chapel of Lights is there. Is it possible for them to spawn farther south? And how far south? There’s a diminishing area where they could possibly be, and it’s not anywhere near the NORTH edge of the map. I hate to abandon this game – I’ve got an upgraded ship and several storylines underway – but I’m stuck on both Admiralty missions and the Curator’s quest until I can find these ports.

I’ve never seen the Avid Horizon be anywhere but on the northern edge. The Chapel of Lights, however, I have encountered relatively far south from the northern edge.
(Sorry, I can’t be of more help)
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in my last game i had a similar problem … couldnt find the chapel all though i had virtually the whole map uncovered … unfortunately I made a dumb mistake fighting a khanite ship and died so i couldnt look at the last few spots

I uncovered all of the northern edge of the map though and there was neither the chapel nor avid horizon to be found there

They should reliably be available in the north. If anyone has this problem, could you send your saved game to sunlesssea@failbettergames.com so we can take a look? Ta!

Penknife - I’m so glad you posted, I’ve spent the last few days absolutely scouring the North for the Avid Horizon to no avail - I’m also at the point of having to stop the game. Alexis: file en route.
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Yeah I don’t know how the guts of the programming look for that but it seems like if the Avid Horizon doesn’t show up on the northern edge it wouldn’t be able to show since it’s attached to the top of the map.

[color=#3399CC]Thank you for posting this issue on the forums and an additional thank you to those of you who provided me with Autosave files through the support email address.

I’m pleased to say that if any of you are affected by this issue a simple &quotNew Stories Available&quot update should fix it for you. If you continue to experience problems with vanishing islands please contact support via: sunlesssea@failbettergames.com


You will have to start a new game as old saves will not be fixed retrospectively.
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Disappointing that a new game will have to be started - will this be the case for every content update? I’d recontacted support before I read your post, so please ignore the new message.

It hasn’t been the case much for pre-Steel updates; the map layout is saved by the game though so if stuff failed to spawn when it should’ve you’d need to start a new game so you get a map that spawns everything properly.

Can I leave heirlooms for my heir that will be passed to the next game?

If you have written a will and got some heirlooms (up to 12) and die or retire your next character can sell the heirlooms for somewhere between 800 to just over 1000 echoes each. It is a matter of luck on how much each one sells for.

If you get 12 heirlooms for your next character, you can buy the two Caminus yards guns AND the big cargo ship right out of the gate (just about)

Thanks! Indeed, updating &quotNew Stories&quot and starting a new game produced a map with all its vital bits present.

[color=#3399CC]** Update **

I’m pleased to say I’ve been working on a solution that should allow affected users to continue with their saves. If you are one of the few affected, drop me a message with your save file included to: sunlesssea@failbettergames.com [/color]

I deleted the game and redownload. it worked!!!
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