Average time to reach POSI?

Hello, all. I’ve been playing Fallen London for a bit now and have been wondering how long it takes people to reach a status of some importance. Care to share, anyone?

Eh, I wasn’t particularly aiming for PoSI (I only found out about PoSI a long time after I started playing) but it took Ms Sestina Valdis a good few months, I believe. I just checked my journal, and apparently I didn’t deem my becoming a PoSI important enough to save as an entry (I don’t know why!)… But a good friend on FL sent me a point of Notability 75 days ago, shortly after I became a PoSI, which suggests that that happened some time in late July or early August… I started playing some time in late April or early May, so that’s about… 4 months, yes?

TL;DR: It took me about 4 months, based on rough estimates.

However, as I said, I wasn’t gunning for PoSI. I was constantly shooting for new Persuasive stories and areas instead, so I’m not exactly a very ‘quick’ example. You might find yourself there in a much shorter period of time…

Note that You have to get all your stats to 100 (with equipment) and not just one of your stats. Equipment works, yes, so if you are willing to invest then you should get a good set of gear for each stat (and you should invest if you want to continue training up all your stats even after you become a PoSI, which is basically what I am doing now). The stuff doesn’t have to be best-in-slot, especially if you are saving echoes up for other things, but perhaps enough to get you to 100.
Also, that rare bookshop opportunity card that gives the temporary +20 Head slot item can be very helpful. That was what gave me the boost for my Dangerous!

Edit: I see you have a velocipede and some journal entries in the side-streets, so I take it that you are already a PoSI. Congrats! Sorry: I wrote the post automatically assuming that you weren’t. Still, I’ll leave the little bits of advice up here. No point deleting them, I think.
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Judging by a message from Dilmun club (152 days ago) and from my benefactor (209 days ago) it took me about two months. Needless to say, I haven’t explored a fair amount of content available for non-POSI by that time (the Court, most notably). I guess I was aiming to become one as soon as possible, though I did spend a fair amount of time digging around Forgotten Quarter.

Now, however, it doesn’t look like that good of idea. Despite spending a small fortune on various lodgings and a set of attire appropriate for my soon-to-be status (and later using the more influentual acuaintances to assist my ascension up the social ladder), after attaining the so much coveted status I got almost instantly overwhelmed by wounds and nightmares.
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Same here. About two months, maybe a little less. I did aim for it, but without any zeal, and trying to avoid unnecessary losses.
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2~3 months here. Although it took me about one month to notice that a thing called POSI exists.
From initiating the POSI process to completing it took about 3 weeks, maybe a little less, because my stats were all over the place.

I took about four months too, and do regret somewhat not enjoying the game enough at the early stages. But I definitely did not like constantly failing difficulty checks at the very early stages.

I started playing end of August. I became a POSI last week. So, roughly a bit less than 1.5 months.

It is a bit easier now because of the Make your Name updates which give truckloads of CP to your abilities. Also, I had a help from a mood card to boost my Shadowy to 100 in order to go for the POSI. Right now I am at 75 Shadowy and 100 in other abilities.

That’s true too. Also, I remembered, that I didn’t get the purpose of training professions, and switched to Watcher profession as soon as I could. So I got to POSI only using one of them. Lost a lot of time because of that.
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Plus it’s pretty trivial to get to around +25 in each category in that time.