Automated tests & browser games? (a dev question)

This is probably a rather odd question and I wasn’t sure where to ask it, so if this belongs in a different forum go ahead and move it.

Does Failbetter Games use some form of automated browser testing when developing Fallen London?

I recently read about how Croteam made an &quotauto-test bot&quot for The Talos Principle, and out of curiosity I started searching around for methods of automated testing in game development.
For a moment I thought of browser-based games and how there are a lot of tools out there for automated testing of websites that might be applicable such games and thought &quotHang on, does Failbetter Games do this for Fallen London?&quot.

I figured I might as well ask.

Is there a &quotMr. Selenium&quot or a &quotMrs. PhantomJS&quot (or maybe something similar) wandering around the Neath and keeping London safe from evil extra-dimensional bug creatures? :)

Sounds…interesting. I would like to know.