Auto Pausing?

My game has started pausing any time I exit combat or try to leave a port. If I get Curiosities from combat, I have to unpause before I can access them, and unpause again once they’ve been opened. At port, after I exit the port window, I have to unpause before I can leave. Is anyone else having this problem? Is it a glitch I should report, or did I accidentally adjust a setting?

I think it’s just implemented inconsistently right now. It’s one of those things they’ll probably get in a polish pass.

I have exactly the same problem. It pauses at these following moments: when I enter a port, when i enter combat, when I open the gazetteer, when i get a pop-up during travel. It no longer unpauses automatically, like it used to do. This is very annoying.

EDIT: It seems like it won’t de-pause where it would previously. :(
edited by lord1box on 7/11/2014

EDIT 2: It’s fixed for now
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I prefer the auto pausing to be honest, it’s easy to accidentally leave it unpaused and feed the crew or something if you get distracted. Though the multiple separate popups are annoying, I agree. It would be nice if curiosities could be opened before you got underway again.

I just wish it would pause after combat, AND keep the ship on the same speed you entered combat at, because at the moment, after combat, I’m often left sitting in the dark gaining terror thinking it’s paused, when actually the ship just isn’t moving.

This happened to me for about an hour or so, then went back to normal. Shrug?