Aunt and the Embassy

Dear Neath-Ladies and Neath-Gentlemen!

I have reached to a point in my stories where I can only “Drink to Forget” the aunt. It doesn’t quite work, regrettably. Is there anything a person can do to help poor aunt Petunia?

If you have the Fate to spend, you could save her. If, you know, you want her back.

Nothing else, then?

Not to my knowledge. You’re attempting to undo your previous actions, after all. Think of it as… bribing continuity to look the other way for a while.

Even if you hadn’t saved her earlier, you’d need fate to continue much further in the storyline anyway.

I decided to spend some nex and save my annoying aunt (I’m feeling magnanimous today). It mentioned new opportunity cards would appear (I think), but when I clicked through my cards still looked exactly the same, and I can’t find anything aunt-related anywhere else. I take it something probably went wrong, or have I missed something?

You just probably have not flipped the cards yet, just wait :).

Oh I just have to wait? I thought it would be similar to going to new areas, where all the cards change instantly. Ok then… *fidgets impatiently

Wasn’t there talk recently about being able to direct your Aunt to a new career once it’s all over? I haven’t seen that yet…

Yes, you can. I chose to send her off as an assistant in Mr. Wine’s business, and she occasionally shows back up with an experimental drink for me to test out.

And how does one come across that option? I played through the Aunt story some time ago, and all that ever comes up is the Just Got in Before the Deadline card…

I think it was in the writing letters option in your lodgings.

I somehow managed to get my aunt working in a gossip column (I forget how). Every once anda while she drops by for wine in exchange for inklings of identity and a scandal reduction.

one of my aunts who didn’t get kidnapped by devils, ended up being exiled to the surface. that opens up an oppotunity card that has a fate option for investing in some of my aunt’s crazy ideas for her?
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So I’ve been playing regularly the last few days but still only had one Opportunity card related to the fate-locked Aunt story. Seems absurdly infrequent?

The game knows you’re waiting for the cards. It delights in withholding them from you for as long as it can manage. You’ll draw them eventually. These sorts of things tend to take a while.