Audio Book Style Let's Play

I’ve been meaning to do a more narrative styled Let’s Play series for awhile now and Total Biscuit’s recent tweet finally pushed me over the edge.

Toyo’s Tales - Sunless Sea, Episode 1:

I apologize in advance for not having a super sexy Darkest Dungeon style voice. That’s actually been one of the main reasons for putting this sort of let’s play off for so long. Sunless Sea is perfect for the sort of character driven narrative though, so here we are.

The first episode is rougher than I would like. I left some of my minor fumbling in there deliberately, as the Captain is telling the tale. I felt it’d give his voice more character. Or it might just be annoying but I’m on the wrong side to judge that. Once the initial set of gameplay is out of the way, I’ll be adjusting a bunch of things. I’ll be having the music track go continuously rather than intermittent with the game, and turn the game music’s down. It’s a fantastic soundtrack and once made available, I’ll be using that directly. For now it’ll just be a dirty recording rip from the menu.

Also, as the script is done separately from the gameplay, if people have suggestions concerning the characters, I’ll likely try to include them. Especially if they coincide with the direction and background I’m already creating, or they’re just bat shit insane.

Hope you enjoy and I’m open to any criticism and/or abuse~

Will give it a try. Its a nice idea!

Nice idea and quite nicely executed. Subscribed. :)

Thanks! You have the distinction of being my first subscriber. I’ll try to keep to a semi-regular release schedule. Not every day starting off but consistent.